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Treatment Room

We treat the best of people, naturally.

We treat the best of people, naturally. We know that healthy organ function is based on the free flow of Qi and Blood through energetic pathways called Meridians. We diagnose and evaluate our clients with various methods including Pulse diagnosis, Tongue diagnosis, symptom review, palpitation, discussion on diet, and general observation of physical and emotional phenomena.

Knowing that “many streams makes a river,” we have many different treatments and modalities to use in balancing and restoring disharmonies and ill health. We do much more than simply “manage a disease;” we rather treat the root of the problem. We teach people self-reliance and self-responsibility in their own health care and give them hope, that if they follow our advice, they will feel healthier and whole again.

Martial Arts

Red Chinese Kwon: "To Heal, Protect, and Awaken."

Kung Fu is the time honored term for all Martial Arts in China, meaning time spent in learning something worthwhile through discipline. Kung Fu as we teach it is based on Natural Medical Principles:

Classical Forms
  • Chi-Gong is the control and manipulation of our energy resources through breathing exercises.
  • Self defense applications
  • Dynamic exercises and stretches
  • Standing Meditation
  • Impact Training
  • Sitting Meditation

All practiced with ethical and moral guidelines. These methods are used to build an integrated person of outstanding character.

Martial Arts, through consistent practice and accumulated knowledge, can develop capabilities which lie dormant within ourselves until discipline develops them into strength, gracefulness, agility, balance, internal power, tranquil nerve, as well as harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Kung Fu training is capable of developing great lung capacity, aerobic and anaerobic metabolization, authentic centeredness, calm in the face of adversity, and self-confidence through a realistic self-image.

We offer authentic Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu arts of self-development under the same roof. We are unique in offering complete training in the three major internal styles of Chinese Boxing:
  • Hsing I Ch'uan
  • Tai Chi Ch'uan
  • Pa Gua Chang
We also draw from a wealth of experience and knowledge of other Martial Arts of China, Okinawa, and Japan.

Meditation Room

We use Movement Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation to alter moods and "states of consciousness," to enhance body image, and to relieve knots within our physiology and psychology that prevents us from personal transformation. In today's culture, we have been driven by high-tech demands, family obligations, long work schedules, and feelings of inadequacy; these arts can offer a place in our lives to review, regenerate, and renew our focus and energy.

Through meditation, we gain a more correct and compassionate vision of self and our relationship to all that exists in the universe.


Food as medicine, medicine as food. You are what you eat, afterall. We believe that your kitchen is the first place to look to affect your health.

In Chinese Medicine, our approach in teaching dietary principles is based on the energetics, aesthetics, and good taste of food. Food therapy is extremely valuable as it is the very base of our physical integrity and renewal. Shakespeare said "You are what you eat." We factor into our food choices such things as food's shape, color, flavor, temperature, taste, what organ or organs it strengthens, how it effects those organs, size, where it is grown, as well as, is it a root, stem, leaf, branch, or flower.  All of these factors directly effect how your organs function as a whole.

We teach simple dietary life changes that will improve your overall digestive function, aid assimilation, and help the coordinated function of all your major physiological functions including respiratory, circulatory, cardio-pulmonary, urinary, muscular-skeletal, digestive, and reproductive systems. It is important to eat seasonally and locally. Certain foods should only be eaten in one season, otherwise they can damage function.